GOP candidate for Illinois governor looks to general election, even as primary remains undecided

Chicago – There's still no clear winner in the Illinois Republican primary for governor, but one candidate is looking ahead to the general election.

Since the Illinois primary nearly two weeks ago, State Senator Bill Brady has held a razor thin lead over Senator Kirk Dillard in the race to become the Republican nominee for governor.

Election officials have until Tuesday to finish counting ballots, but Brady is already giving a preview of what the general election might look like.

Unsurprisingly, it will likely include a lot of talk about former Governor Rod Blagojevich.

"Governor Quinn has continued the Blagojevich/Quinn policies of the past," Brady told reporters last week.

Brady said Quinn needs to explain his support for Blagojevich in the last election when it was well known that the former governor was under investigation.

A spokeswoman said Quinn would have spoken out publicly if he had known about Blagojevich's alleged crimes.

She says even federal investigators had to tap Blagojevich's phones to figure those things out.