Greitens issues executive order to curb state regulations | St. Louis Public Radio

Greitens issues executive order to curb state regulations

Jan 10, 2017

Eric Greitens, Missouri's new governor, has issued his second executive order in 24 hours. The latest one bars any new government regulations without approval of his office. It also calls for a mandatory review of all existing state regulations.

Greitens said in Tuesday’s announcement, "Burdensome regulations hurt businesses and they hurt working families across the state of Missouri. Today, I'm signing an executive order that immediately freezes all regulations. We came here to cut government and help people."

Missouri Capitol building in Jefferson City.
Credit File photo | Marshall Griffin | St. Louis Public Radio

The executive order was his second since taking office Monday. Greitens' first order imposed ethics guidelines for his administration’s officials and his office staff.

Greitens said in his announcement that during the review process, “If any regulation fails to show that it is delivering results, it will be eliminated.”

Greitens also is continuing to embrace social media.  This executive order, for example, was first announced via a video on Facebook.

It also can be viewed on his Twitter account.