Group Calls for Fair Taxes, Not Tax Cuts | St. Louis Public Radio

Group Calls for Fair Taxes, Not Tax Cuts

St. Louis, Mo. – President Bush's proposed tax breaks would cost Missouri $357-million in federal Aid over the next decade. That's according to a report put out by the The Economic Policy Institute and Institute for America's Future.

Some of the cuts include $68 million from education, $56 million from health care and $42 million from basic support for low-income Missouri families.

Gail Shumpert receives federal heating assistance known as LIHEAP.

"This is why we want them to understand you just can't turn your back on the people who need these services trying to give cuts and everything to the people not in need of it," she said.

Shumpert is a member of The Fair Taxes for All Coalition - a group dedicated to defeating the president's proposed tax cuts.