H1N1 Vaccine comes to Missouri | St. Louis Public Radio

H1N1 Vaccine comes to Missouri

St. Louis, MO – The first few doses of the H1N1 flu vaccine are starting to flow into Missouri.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was in St. Louis on Tuesday to meet with vaccine researchers at St. Louis University.

Sebelius says millions of Americans have already developed symptoms of H1N1, but that on balance the sickness is proving to be no more deadly than regular seasonal flu.

"Presentation like the seasonal flu is good," said Sebelius. "But the bad news is, seasonal flu kills people year-in and year-out. And we know that children and young Americans have no immunity to this strain because it's never been seen before."

Injectable doses of the H1N1 vaccine are expected to begin arriving in the area over the next several days.

The doses will be free but first priority will be given to children, pregnant mothers and those who are at high risk.

The vaccine likely won't be available to the general public until sometime in late November.