Head to head campaign for Missouri governor begins | St. Louis Public Radio

Head to head campaign for Missouri governor begins

St. Louis, MO – Expect a lot of negative ads and lots of money to be spent during Missouri's gubernatorial contest that's now underway. That's according to political analysts who appeared on KWMU's "St. Louis on the Air" program today.

Republican nominee Kenny Hulshof didn't waste any time tweaking his Democratic opponent, Jay Nixon - campaigning on Nixon's home turf of Jefferson County one day after the primary.

Gwyneth Williams, a professor of political science at Webster University, says Hulshof will criticize Nixon for being part of the Jefferson City establishment for 16 years.

"And I think that's really interesting - who's claiming outsider change status and how they're doing it. And obviously Nixon is going to probably say Hulshof is the guy who's been the Washington guy out of touch with what we're doing here in Missouri," she said.

Political observers expect Nixon to hammer Hulshof's congressional voting record - and Hulshof to condemn Nixon's recent investigations and prosecutions.