Holden Asks for Federal Aid in Tornado-Struck Areas | St. Louis Public Radio

Holden Asks for Federal Aid in Tornado-Struck Areas

Pierce City, MO – Missouri Governor Bob Holden has asked the White House to declare a federal disaster in 39 counties.

Jerry Uhlmann, the director of Missouri's State Emergency Management Agency, predicts President Bush will act within two to three days.

FEMA Director Michael Brown planned to visit hard-hit Pierce City, Mo. Tuesday.

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The southwest Missouri town of Stockton was knocked to its knees by a deadly tornado that took just moments to makes its eastward pass.

Now, Stockton is resolving to pick up the pieces from the storm that left three dead here.

Electric crews Monday scrambled to restore power to priority sites such as a nursing home, the town's sewer systems and city wells. They hopes to return electricity to the rest of town by the end of the week.

Initial mourning for a town left in ruin has given way to thoughts of how to rebuild. Chain saws whined and portable generators growled, signaling a comeback.