Hulshof proposes using Rainy Day funds to spur job growth

Jefferson City, MO – Republican Nominee for Governor Kenny Hulshof is proposing tapping into Missouri's Rainy Day fund to aid businesses that hire new workers.

Hulshof says businesses that create at least six new jobs in urban areas or three new jobs in rural ones would receive a tax rebate equal to six percent of the added payroll.

"We're (going to) see a return on investment in jobs for Missourians, potentially tens of thousands of jobs...we're (going to) see a boost to our state economy, and more jobs means that we're (going to) have more revenues, we're (going to) have a stronger economy," Hulshof said.

Jay Nixon's spokesman Oren Shur says the Democratic nominee has a better game plan.

"We do it by investing in Missouri's people: By making college more affordable, and he's put forward a plan to do making health care more affordable and more accessible, and he's put forward a plan to do that...and by embracing this 21st Century economy, by investing in science and technology and research," Shur said.

Shur also said tapping into the Rainy Day fund is not a bad idea, if it is done in a fiscally responsible way.