If You Notice The 'BUDWEISER' Sign Gone Next Week, Here's Why

Jan 25, 2013

The famous “Budweiser” sign on the St. Louis brewery will start to come down on Monday.

But, have no fear - a new, brighter one will replace it in a few weeks.

The current sign on Anheuser-Busch’s Bevo Building has been up since 1979.

General Manager Jeff Pitts says it was getting susceptible to bad weather.

"I’d be driving in in the morning or leaving late at night and I always made a point of looking up at the sign and doggone it if part of the “u” was out," Pitts says. "And if any part of the sign was out we shut it off and quick like a bunny tried to get it dried out and repaired and get it back up and running."

The new sign will use LED technology, making it brighter than the current neon sign.

The project will cost at least half a million dollars and take four to five weeks.

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