IL Bill Introduced Promoting Tax Amnesty for Scofflaws | St. Louis Public Radio

IL Bill Introduced Promoting Tax Amnesty for Scofflaws

Springfield, IL – An Illinois state senator is again floating a plan to offer amnesty to tax scofflaws in an attempt to boost sagging state revenues.

Democrat James Clayborne of Belleville recently introduced a bill that would offer immunity from criminal and civil prosecution. It also would waive interest and penalties for anyone who settles
their tax debt to the state during a two-month window this fall.

An added incentive of the bill would require eligible taxpayers who did not take advantage of amnesty would face interest and penalties 200 percent higher than they already owed.

Clayborne introduced the measure last year, too, but that was before his party took control of the Senate and the governor's mansion.

Since the early 1980s when tax amnesties were first implemented, nearly every state has tried such a program at least once.