Ill. Could Require More Training for Young Drivers | St. Louis Public Radio

Ill. Could Require More Training for Young Drivers

Oct 9, 2012

Reporting from Amanda Vinicky.

Illinois' Secretary of State is considering making younger drivers get additional training if they skip over the graduated driver’s license program. 

Illinois heaps requirements on someone who wants to drive before they're 18-years-old - minors must pass a driver's education course, and have their parents sign off that they've been on the roads together.

But then the state loosens up.  Someone who's 21, for example, could pass a driver's test without a lot of time behind the wheel.

“We’re not happy about that,” said Secretary of State Jesse White, who says he looking into requiring additional training for those between the ages of 18 and 21; or even up to age 25  who don't go through the provisional program.

"We have to make sure these individuals are qualified to drive on our roads.  And of course we want the roads of Illinois to be safe as ever.  And they're not safe when we have people who have not gotten proper training, yet they've received their license."

The Chicago Democrat says the training could include having them take an online class or read a book.