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Ill. Legislators Head To Springfield To Tackle Quinn Vetoes

Nov 26, 2012

Illinois legislators are scheduled to go back to Springfield this week to tackle any bills the governor vetoed this year.

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Of the major legislation the governor vetoed - one big issue that's had all sorts of trouble getting support is gambling expansion. The measure Governor Pat Quinn vetoed would allow for several new casinos in the state - including one in Chicago. But Quinn has said the bill is flawed - with, quote, "loopholes for mobsters" - but a sponsor of the measure says he's close to having enough votes to override the governor's opposition.

On a different measure - Quinn took a gun registration bill and completely changed it to be a ban on assault weapons.

Also - a new measure likely to come up involves allowing those who are in the country illegally to get driver's licenses.

Usually the veto session marks the end of the year's legislative agenda - but lawmakers have already been called back for special sessions in January.

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