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Illinois considering selling ads on license plates

Feb 10, 2011

The look of the Illinois license plate has changed substantially over the years - just look at that blast from the past above for proof - but a pending bill in the Illinois Legislature would push the cosmetic transition to a "for-profit" level.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that SB1360 would allow corporate sponsors to put their logos on license plates as a way to create revenue for the state.

So, how would that work exactly? The Post-Dispatch explains the possible breakdown of costs:

"[Sen. John] Mulroe,[D-Chicago, the bill's sponsor] gave an example of a possible $15 reduction to Illinois drivers from their $99 annual plate registration fee. The participating corporation would cover the state's $15 loss, and pay an additional amount--maybe $25. The additional cash would be split between the state and a private contractor that would administer the program, so there wouldn't be any cost to the state."

The newspaper also states that a downside to the bill could be the addition of these corporate options to the already large array of Illinois license plates. The large number of choices could make it harder for police to identify an Illinois plate.