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The Impeachment Hearing Continues For Embattled Ellisville Mayor

Apr 2, 2013

The impeachment hearing for embattled Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul will continue for at least for one more day.

Even though he’s only been in office for just under a year, Paul is facing charges that he’s abused his power.

Before a packed grade school gymnasium, Police Chief Tom Felgate testified Paul asked him for a gun and a badge.

Paul said such accusations are petty and this all stems from his opposition to giving tax credits for a new Wal-Mart development.

“If there’s any inclination that I should step down and not represent the voice, then I would do so,” Paul said.  “But in this situation I would want me to be mayor.”

Paul said he is being treated unfairly and that city council members have already made up their mind to vote in favor of his impeachment.  

Former mayor and city council member, Matt Pirrello, disagrees and said Paul is being given a fair trial.

“All I can say is I’ve only heard the beginnings of the city’s case,” Pirrello said.  “I can’t characterize anything that I’ve heard up to this point as being unfair, uncharacteristic or out of line.”

The trial began last night and lasted about six hours before Hearing Officer, John Maupin, agreed to stop at midnight and reconvene at seven o’clock this evening.  

Both Paul and his lawyer said they do not expect to win, but that they do plan to appeal. 

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