InBev says it will not add to A-B's job cuts | St. Louis Public Radio

InBev says it will not add to A-B's job cuts

St. Louis, MO. – Leaders of both InBev and Anheuser-Busch say A-B employees will have new opportunities with the merger.

In a conference call Monday, InBev chief executive Carlos Brito said the Belgian Brewer had added 12,000 jobs since its last merger four years ago. He says a growing company is good for employees.

Anheuser-Busch chief executive August Busch IV says InBev will provide global opportunities, and he says he'll be playing a role in the new company.

"Obviously, with me going onto the InBev board upon closing I'll be in a position to work with the board and work with management and as always, and as InBev has always done, we've treated employees fairly and will continue to do so," Busch said.

In an effort to avoid a hostile take-over A-B had announced a plan to cut costs, including the buy-out of about 1,300 employees.

InBev plans to move forward with that plan dubbed "Blue Ocean, but officials say they will go even further, cutting $1.5 billion in three years.

The closing of the deal is expected by the end of the year.