Infographic: Sequester Cuts In Missouri and Illinois

Feb 25, 2013

Updated 2/25/13 at 1:25 with Illinois' numbers.

On Sunday, the White House detailed how the sequester would impact each state (and the District of Columbia) in an attempt to pressure Congress to act before the March 1 deadline. Here's what that report says about its impact in Missouri.

Click on the "Fewer Served" headline to see how many people would be affected. You can hover over the bars to see more information. In addition, Missouri would also lose $70 million in Army and Navy base funding and the Department of Defense would stand to have 8,000 employees furloughed, reducing pay by around $40 million.

You can compare that to Illinois below. In addition, approximately 14,000 civilian Department of Defense employees would be furloughed, reducing pay by around $83.5 million.

You can read the entire Missouri report here and the Illinois report here.

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