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Ira Flatow Visits St. Louis

Oct 6, 2017

Hosts Steve and Mary Schoolman, Ira Flatow, Tim Eby, and board members David Ott, Linda Honigfort, and Ken Schutte.

Public Radio personality Ira Flatow was recently in St. Louis for a short visit. On September 19 Flatow moderated a panel for the Washington University Assembly Series, around the topic of climate change.  Flatow discussed with climate scientists how studying past and present climate conditions can lead to the development of future strategies to protect the earth.

He also took the time to meet with St. Louis Public Radio donors. On September 19, Cornerstone Society members Mary and Steve Schoolman hosted a private reception at their home for Ira and about 50 guests.

Ira spoke of his more than 35 years of work in public radio, from his early career as a science reporter for NPR, and 25 years as the host of Science Friday, Public Radio's International’s acclaimed weekly talk show.  He also recounted one of his most memorable NPR stories, in which he took former All Things Considered host Susan Stamberg into a closet to crunch Wint-O-Green Lifesavers, proving they spark in the dark.

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