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Jill Farmer Teaches How To Make The Most Of Your Time

Mar 14, 2013

Life coach Jill Farmer quit her career as a television consumer reporter and discovered that although she no longer had a fulltime job, she was still busy with little productivity to show for it.  She found herself swinging from the “hamster wheel” mode of moving for the sake of moving but not seeming to get anything done, to the overwhelming state of paralysis where she wasn’t sure where to start.

Farmer began looking inside of herself and then started researching why people seem to be preset toward unproductivity and to being in a state of frenzy.  She found one of the biggest mistakes people make is being afraid of not being busy and measuring worth by their degree of busyness.   

Farmer’s latest effort is a new book, There’s Not Enough Time! …and other lies we tell ourselves. She was Don Marsh’s guest on “St. Louis on the Air.”  During their conversation, she explained that her main goal is to help people progress from a state of unproductive busyness to finding real meaning in their lives.