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Kit Bond to join Thompson Coburn lawfirm

Jan 4, 2011

As we told you about earlier, Kit Bond is joining the St. Louis-based law firm Thompson Coburn after his retirement from the U.S. Senate.

But what will he be doing, exactly? And why Thompson Coburn?

Bond will advise clients in the areas of economic development, international trade, biotechnology, agriculture, cyber law and transportation.

During a press conference this morning at the law firm, Bond said he'll continue to be involved in the development of the China-St. Louis hub.

"I already plan to meet with one of the key officials in the Chinese embassy in Washington tomorrow when I go back for Roy Blunt's swearing in," Bond said, " I will find out where I can be helpful, if it's through the firm, I will be happy to do so."

Ok, but why did Bond go to Thompson Coburn?

First, to attract new clients in business for the firm, though who those are are still to be seen.

“I can’t think of anybody more respected by the Missouri business community than Kit Bond,” Thompson Coburn Chairman Tom Minogue told the St. Louis Business Journal.

And second, the firm has offices in both of Bond's home geographies, Washington, D.C. and St. Louis. Bond said that he plans to keep homes in both areas.

Also according to the paper, when asked whether it was an odd fit for Bond, a Republican, to join a firm known for its Democratic leaning, Minogue said Thompson Coburn is and has been bipartisan.