Malpractice Insurance in IL Drives Doctor to MO | St. Louis Public Radio

Malpractice Insurance in IL Drives Doctor to MO

Belleville, ILL. – Amidst debate this spring over medical malpractice insurance rates, one neurosurgeon in Illinois says Missouri's rates are better.

Dr. William Sprich is one of just three neurosurgeons in St. Clair County, Ill. He says he's moving to Missouri because the insurance is cheaper. Hospital officials in Belleville say the two remaining neurosurgeons will not be able to stay on call all the time, which will likely mean more airlifts to St. Louis hospitals.

Neurosurgeons are often called into ERs to treat victims of car and motorcycle accidents, as well as gunshot wounds. Hospital officials add the rising malpractice insurance in Illinois has made finding a replacement difficult.