Marty Kady of exclusive Politico policy website reports on covering Capitol Hill | St. Louis Public Radio

Marty Kady of exclusive Politico policy website reports on covering Capitol Hill

Sep 5, 2017

On Tuesday’s St. Louis on the Air, host Don Marsh spoke with Marty Kady, editorial director of Politico Pro, a paywalled subscription service of multiplatform political news entity Politico. The news service is for policy wonks, lobbyists and other Capitol Hill insiders, punching in at over $3,000 per year for a subscription.

“We try to understand the underpinning politics of individuals making decisions so we can explain substantive policy better,” Kady said.

Kady was recently in St. Louis to participate in a Venture Café panel about the impact of technology on politics and politics coverage. Marsh picked Kady’s brain about covering politics and policy in Washington and the impact of technology on journalism and politics today.

Kady said that covering Washington D.C. is different now and access to sources is difficult, but journalists are learning the ropes of who to go to for information, and who key decision makers are in the Trump administration.

“The way the media is treated publicly is something I’ve never seen,” Kady said. “The dirty secret, which I will tell your listeners, is that everyone in the Trump White House talks to the Washington media off-the-record. They text, they call, they meet off the record, Trump himself. He’ll go to a rally and say the New York Times and CNN are disgusting, but when there’s breaking news you know who he will call? The New York Times.”

Listen to the full discussion here:

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