McCaskill not optimistic Obama’s jobs plan will pass House | St. Louis Public Radio

McCaskill not optimistic Obama’s jobs plan will pass House

Sep 14, 2011

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill says President Obama’s jobs plan sent to Capitol Hill this week would provide a shot at improving an economy that continues to languish.

Speaking to reporters this morning, McCaskill said that she is not optimistic the bill will pass the House, citing the current hyper partisan climate. The democratic Senator said she’s hopeful the pressure Obama is bringing through public appearances will have some impact.

“I’m hopeful, but it is a very difficult environment,” said McCaskill. “There is blood in the water and people believe that the thing to do is to continue to deal the President as many failures as they can in order to take his job next year.”

The bill includes tax cuts and tax credits designed to encourage businesses to hire. The tax provisions alone make up more than half of the roughly 450 billion dollar plan.

The president is also proposing tax hikes to pay for it. That is not sitting well with congressional Republicans.