McCaskill: Republicans most concerned about denying Obama a victory on jobs

Oct 12, 2011

Sen. Claire McCaskill D-Mo., is accusing Senate Republicans of playing politics when they blocked President Obama’s jobs bill.

The president’s plan died yesterday when all 46 Republicans and two Democrats voted against it. Republicans opposed its stimulus-style spending and the tax surcharge for the very wealthy.

In a conference call with reporters Wednesday morning, McCaskill said it’s important that Congress try to set aside the election next year and focus on improving infrastructure and creating jobs.

“Whether it’s an infrastructure bank, which was embodied in the jobs bill, or if the Republicans have a better idea, I would love to hear about it,” McCaskill said. “But, so far, it appears that most of them are more concerned about denying the president a victory on his jobs bill than they are about whether or not we’re putting people back to work tomorrow.”

Sen. Roy Blunt R-Mo., voted against the bill. He said Obama’s push for the costly second stimulus was more about 2012 politics than 2011 legislating.