The Meeting Of Mighty Rivers Near St. Louis As Seen From Space

Mar 19, 2013

Here's a view you don't get every day:

A screen capture of a tweet from Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. The image shows a view very high above St. Louis and was taken aboard the International Space Station in January 2013.
Credit (via Twitter/Photo by Chris Hadfield)

It was tweeted in January by the commander of the International Space Station, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. He's been making it his job to not only lead Expedition 35 of the ISS but also amass a dazzling collection of images of the Earth from space.

(Here's a full map of his images taken high above locations all over the world)

The "mighty rivers" Hadfield talks about? The Missouri, Mississippi and Illinois. Here's the confluence on a map:

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(A nod to The Atlantic Cities for highlighting Hadfield's efforts)

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