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A message from St. Louis Public Radio's general manager

Nov 15, 2016

Dear STLPR Friends,

Whatever you are feeling about the results of last week's historic elections, one truth remains: fact-based journalism is as important to our democracy as it has ever been. For more than 18 months, St. Louis Public Radio has provided the most comprehensive coverage of election issues and events at every level of the ballot for hundreds of thousands of listeners in our region and beyond. 

St. Louis Public Radio is trusted to offer insightful and inspiring news coverage that engages us in thoughtful and respectful dialogue and helps us make sense of what is happening in our community, region, country and world.  Independent, fact-based news that engages people whose politics are informed by different beliefs is essential to broadening perspectives and building connections. We remain dedicated to shining a light on the important issues of the day to encourage a more informed electorate and a more civil society.

The events of the last week have brought about some profound shifts in our local, state, and national governments, but our public service mission remains the same; to inspire a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures in order to foster a more thoughtful and engaged community. As new leaders take office across the country, we will redouble our efforts to provide the carefully cultivated information and context you will need to make sense of the changes as they relate to your life and the lives of those around you.

Thank you, as always, for being a loyal friend and for placing your trust in us. We appreciate your support more than we can adequately express. We will continue to work diligently to serve you and everybody in our community and to realize the full promise and potential of public service journalism.


Tim Eby
St. Louis Public Radio General Manager