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Metro Track Work Continues This Week

Oct 7, 2012

Some MetroLink riders can expect delays this week as upgrades are made to parts of the track in both Missouri and Illinois.

The track work  starts tonight and will continue all week. 

Metro Spokeswoman Dianne Williams says on the Illinois side it’s just routine maintenance.

But on the Missouri side, she says Metro is upgrading the track and putting in what are called “cross-overs.”

“So, that if there were trouble on one track, the trains have shorter distance to crossover to another track to get around the obstruction,” Williams says. “We have these cross over tracks every few miles.  But, in that part of the system they were pretty far  apart.  And what it means is one train headed east-bound has to wait for the train headed west-bound.  The closer the “cross-overs” are to each other the shorter the wait time.”

And Williams says a key “cross-over” will be put in on the Missouri side of the Eads Bridge, and will help avoid delays while the historic bridge is restored.

Metro hopes to have the “cross-overs” completed by early next year, and work will be done in the evening between 8pm and the end of service.

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