Minority Contractors Say Metrolink Goal Still Not Met

St. Louis – The head of a minority contractors' association in St. Louis says the goal for minority firm participation on the Metrolink extension project still has not been met.

Metro, formerly known as the Bi-State Development Agency, announced Friday nearly 16 percent of the subcontractors hired so far are female- or minority-owned.

MoKan director Eddie Hasan says Metro and general contractor McCarthy Construction need to keep working toward the original 20-percent goal.

"The previous effort that was made I think fell short of a real good-faith effort," Hasan said. "Because it did not achieve the goal that we were shooting for. I think that continually working through this process, we will achieve our goal."

Metro President Larry Salci says McCarthy has documented a good-faith effort to include minority firms in the project.

The first leg of the project will cost $74.8 million, and extend Metrolink from Forest Park to Clayton. The light rail line will eventually go to Shrewsbury.