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Missouri Democrats request Feltner records

Jefferson City, MO – The Missouri Democratic Party has filed an open records request with the Cole County Prosecutor's office seeking information on the arrest and conviction of Eric Feltner, former Chief of Staff to Lt. Governor Peter Kinder.

Democratic Party spokesman Jack Cardetti says there is evidence suggesting that Feltner forwarded campaign emails from Kinder and from GOP 9th District Congressional Nominee Blaine Luetkemeyer to his state email account.

"That obviously is improper...we should not be doing campaign work for a congressional race on the taxpayer's dime," Cardetti said.

Democrats believe Feltner was doing campaign work from his workspace inside the Lt. Governor's office, as evidenced by two campaign-related emails forwarded to his state email account.

Gary McElyea is spokesman for Lt. Governor Kinder.

"We have nothing to suggest this was anything more than an accident where an employee may have forwarded an email from a personal email account by mistake, or that it may have been forwarded to an incorrect email...we have nothing to prove that there was anything done on state time and there's nothing to suggest that...other than two emails out of 5,000 that were provided," McElyea said.

McElyea also says Democrats are using Missouri's Sunshine Law as a weapon to boost the campaign of their nominee for Lt. Governor, Sam Page.

Feltner was fired as Kinder's Chief of Staff after being arrested for providing pornographic materials to a minor. That minor was in reality an undercover cop.

Feltner pled guilty to one count and received a six-month suspended sentence.