Mo. AG Koster paid personal property taxes late | St. Louis Public Radio

Mo. AG Koster paid personal property taxes late

Aug 15, 2012

Late personal property tax payments have emerged in another Missouri political campaign.

County tax records show Attorney General Chris Koster paid late three times, most recently in 2009. Personal property taxes typically are due at the end of the calendar year. In each instance, Koster paid the tax bill for his vehicle in January.

The total for the late tax charges was less than $200. In addition, Koster was charged $70 for a late personal property assessment from 2008 while paying the tax timely that year.

A Koster campaign spokeswoman says the attorney general paid all his taxes and the late fee. Koster, a Democrat, is running for re-election against Republican Ed Martin.

Late tax payments also arose during this summer's primaries for lieutenant governor and the U.S. Senate.

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