Mo. Gov. Blunt repeals campaign contribution limits | St. Louis Public Radio

Mo. Gov. Blunt repeals campaign contribution limits

Jefferson City, MO – Campaign contribution limits have been repealed again in Missouri.

The bill signed today by Governor Matt Blunt takes effect August 28th, just in time to allow candidates running for office in November to raise unlimited amounts of money for their campaigns.

House Minority Leader Paul LeVota (D, Independence) condemned the bill signing.

"This bill, it does nothing to improve our election process, and the people of Missouri, back in the '90's, overwhelmingly voted for campaign finance limits," LeVota said.

The Missouri Supreme Court reinstated those limits last year when it struck down a 2006 law that removed them.

Senate Majority Floor Leader Charlie Shields (R, St. Joseph), sponsor of this year's bill, believes this version will stand.

"We put a provision in the bill that says within 48 hours, any contributions over $5000 have to be reported electronically...people can then go to the Ethics Commission web page and find those contributions...we think that's a big step forward," Shields said.

Shields also says repealing limits will add transparency to Missouri's political process.