Mo. House committee recommends special session for disaster recovery

Jul 29, 2011

A Missouri House committee looking at how state and local officials responded to several natural disasters this year is recommending a special session to deal with storm costs.

Committee members want to use a special session to discuss accessing the state's Rainy Day fund to help storm and flood-battered cities and counties.

The chairman, House Speaker Pro-tem Shane Schoeller (R, Willard), says they also want to explore other options for paying for tornado and flood damage.

"There are probably some other ideas out there that need to be considered," Schoeller said.  "When you look at the bills that are gonna have to be paid, when you look at the levees that are gonna have to be rebuilt, schools that are gonna have to be rebuilt, we're gonna look at other options that can help them get back on their feet as quickly as possible."

Schoeller hopes that Governor Jay Nixon (D) will include the disaster committee's proposal in the expected special session on economic development in September.