Mo. House passed MOSIRA incentives, but bill could still fail

Sep 23, 2011

Missouri lawmakers have quit working this week without agreeing on the details of a bill overhauling
Missouri's tax credits and business incentives that had been touted as the marquee issue of a special session that began Sept. 6. There seems to be little chance of resolving the stalemate, but the two chambers did agree to keep
the special session going in case a compromise can be reached later.

Our earlier story:

The Missouri House has passed a bill creating new incentives to lure science and technology-based companies to the state. But a broader bill overhauling Missouri's tax credits and business incentives remains in limbo.

The House voted 94-48 Friday to send the bill targeting science-based companies to Governor Jay Nixon (D). But it's unclear if the bill will ever take effect.

That's because the legislation contains wording saying it can take effect only if the governor also signs a separate bill making broader changes to Missouri's business incentives. 

The House quit for the day Friday without ever debating that broader bill. And its prospects for passage remain dim because of disagreements between House members and senators.