Mo. House passes texting-while-driving language | St. Louis Public Radio

Mo. House passes texting-while-driving language

Apr 26, 2011

The Missouri House has passed a bill that includes language banning texting while driving for motorists of all ages.

Current law only bans texting while driving for those age 21 and younger.

The measure passed by the House today was added onto a wide-ranging public safety bill.  The sponsor, State Representative Rodney Schad (R, Versailles), says his bill will have to be reconciled with the Senate’s version, which also contains language dealing with farm vehicles and yellow lights.

“We will be discussing some things with the Senate and see if we can match anything up, anything that they would agree to, including (texting),” Schad said.

Both House and Senate versions would allow exemptions for voice recognition and hands-free texting.

A compromise bill must be approved before session ends on May 13th.