Mo. joins settlement with Walgreen Co. | St. Louis Public Radio

Mo. joins settlement with Walgreen Co.

May 24, 2012

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster says the state's Medicaid program will receive about $42,000 from a national legal settlement with Walgreen Co.

The settlement resolves complaints that Walgreen's improperly tried to get people to switch their prescriptions to its pharmacies. The company has agreed to pay civil damages totaling $7.9 million to states and the federal government.

Koster says that from early 2005 to June 2010, Walgreen Co. offered gift cards and gift checks to people who receive government health care to entice them to transfer their prescriptions.

It's illegal under Missouri and U.S. laws for health care providers to offer payments to people with government health coverage to persuade them to buy products.