Mo. relaxes tree, limb waste disposal rules in tornado-damaged areas

Mar 2, 2012

Rules for disposing of fallen trees, limbs and other vegetative waste have been relaxed in tornado-damaged areas of Missouri.

From now through March 15th, Missouri residents affected by the Leap Day storms can burn vegetative waste on their properties, as long as it’s done 200 yards away from the nearest occupied structure.  Renee Bungart is with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

“They will need to receive a permit from (DNR) as well as local fire officials, so efforts will need to be coordinated before they can go ahead and burn that waste," Bungart said.  “We do ask that if there are any community burn sites that they work to establish something that really helps protect air quality and public health and safety.”

Bungart says residents should also check with local landfills to see if any have agreed to accept tree limbs and other vegetative waste.  More information can be found at: