Mo. Rep. El-Amin pleads guilty to bribery charge | St. Louis Public Radio

Mo. Rep. El-Amin pleads guilty to bribery charge

St. Louis, MO – St. Louis State Representative TD El-Amin resigned his post on Thursday after he pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges.

El-Amin solicited bribes in exchange for smoothing out problems a gas station owner was having with his alderman.

Allegedly the owner, refused to contribute to the alderman's campaign after which he says his business was repeatedly cited and fined.

Doe approached El-Amin, who said he would fix the problem in exchange for $2100.

FBI Special Agent in Charge John Gillies said the gas station owner wore a wire and recorded El-Amin discussed cash payments for himself and an un-named city hall official.

"To the politicians, take the for-sale sign down," said Gillies. "Our government officials and our government services are not for sale. You're elected to do a job do the job."

When he left court today, El-Amin said that his resignation letter was currently on the governor's desk.

"My name is El-Amin as you know, but I'll tell you what that means, it means "trustworthy," said El-Amin. That trust has been broken and for that I apologize to my family and my friends and those who have supported me."

El-Amin was also recorded soliciting an extra $1000 to pay off the city department head in charge of citing the gas station for violations.

El-Amin is the third state politician to one month to go down on corruption charges and the FBI special agent in charged alluded that more indictments could be coming.

Federal prosecutor Hal Goldsmith said that anyone with information about public officials on the take should come forward.

"A major reason why we bring these cases is to deter others," said Goldsmith, "and we hope that the citizens of St. Louis see these prosecutions and understand that if they do come forward there will be action, and we'll have their back."

El-Amin faces 18 to 24 months in prison. He's scheduled to be sentenced on December 14th.