Mo. Republicans And Democrats Hold Get Out The Vote Rallies

Nov 3, 2012

Republican and Democratic candidates running for statewide office in Missouri are making one last push toward election day. 

Republican Candidate for Attorney General, Ed Martin, speaks to GOP supporters on Sat. Nov. 3.
Credit Chris McDaniel / St. Louis Public Radio

Many of the down-ballot Republican candidates gathered this morning to thank and encourage volunteers who’ve been calling and knocking on doors.

Republican Candidate for Attorney General, Ed Martin, said Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s substantial lead in Missouri is a good sign for state-wide GOP candidates.

“This is a team and everybody now is in a position to win,” Martin said to the crowd at ‘Victory Fieldhouse’ in Fenton. “But we have to run through the tape. We have less than 70 hours. We’ve gotta get every door knocked and every phone call made -- do not get off the phone.”

Martin said he’s encouraged by large numbers of absentee ballots coming in from Republican leaning areas, and small numbers of absentee voting in Democratic leaning areas, like St. Louis City.

Democrats, on the other hand, cranked up the Springsteen and held a rally of their own in Ballwin aimed at firing up the base.

Gov. Jay Nixon was joined by fellow Democratic candidates Attorney General Chris Koster, 

Mo. Gov. Jay Nixon Speaks to supporters at a Democratic get out the vote rally on Nov. 3.
Credit Tim Lloyd / St. Louis Public Radio

State Treasurer Clint Zweifel and Secretary of State Candidate Jason Kander.

Speaking to a crowd of about 50, Nixon said party volunteers will knock on one million doors between now and Tuesday.

“We’re competing everywhere in the state, everywhere,” Nixon said.  “We’re not giving up a single house, we’re not giving up a single county.  We’re not giving up a single vote.”