MODOT Plans Permanent Fix for Blanchette Bridge | St. Louis Public Radio

MODOT Plans Permanent Fix for Blanchette Bridge

St. Louis, MO – Missouri Department of Transportation officials say a damaged section of the eastbound Blanchette Bridge will be permanently repaired within a few weeks. MODOT will install a bracket that will shift the load from a cracked steel beam onto a new beam that will be built during the project.

Temporary repairs have already been made, but officials say a permanent fix is necessary. The Blanchette Bridge will remain open during repairs, but some lanes will be closed. MODOT's Linda Wilson the state will begin repairs after selecting a contractor sometime in the next couple weeks.

Permanent repairs will begin after MODOT selects a contractor in about two weeks. The Blanchette Bridge is the state's most heavily traveled river crossing, with nearly 100,000 vehicles each day.