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Montee stumps at Democratic rally

Sep 17, 2012

The race for Missouri Lieutenant Governor has remained below the radar so far this political season. Republican incumbent Peter Kinder and Democratic challenger Susan Montee are well-known political names in the state, but their campaigning has been fairly low-key to this point.

Montee appeared as part of a Democratic rally Sunday in mid-Missouri, in front of a full crowd of 300 Democrats.

“If I am not successful, for the first time in these 28 years, we will not have a woman in the executive branch, and I just can’t live with that,” Montee said, garnering applause and a couple yells of "No!" from the crowd.

Kinder has been running a low-key campaign since his contentious primary, where he had to spend over 220 thousand dollars to remain the Republican nominee. The Kinder campaign says he’s still traveling around the state, attending local events and parades.

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