Months of roadwork coming to an end at Lambert | St. Louis Public Radio

Months of roadwork coming to an end at Lambert

Aug 6, 2012

If you’re dropping someone off at Lambert Airport Monday morning expect a welcome surprise.

Months of roadwork has been completed and detours in front of baggage claim at Lambert’s Terminal 1 are coming to an end.

“So, it’s back to normal for our travelers as well as those picking up passengers,” Airport Spokesman Jeff Lea said.

Passenger pickup and most of the of the ground transportation loading areas are back to normal, too.

The majority of lower level exits will reopen Monday, as well, but some work will continue on the west end of the roadway.

The temporary loading zone for hotel shuttles will remain on Arrivals Drive.

Lea said in addition making things easier for travelers, completing the roadwork also means life will get back to normal for airport workers. 

“Now that we have those exits are going to reopen and people will be able to access ground transportation to curbside from bag claim we don’t have to have those extra personnel, or police, helping with those detours,” Lea said.