More storms forecast as rising Mississippi threatens to approach '93 flood levels

Jun 10, 2008

A tornado Wednesday night at a Boy Scout ranch in western Iowa killed three 13-year-old Scouts and a 14-year-old Scout staff member. More than 40 others were injured.

The new round of thunderstorms is likely to hit southwestern Minnesota, northeastern Iowa and Wisconsin and may spark tornadoes, the National Weather Service said. As much as 4 inches of rain are expected in those areas, with hail and damaging winds likely.

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Midwest braces for more flooding: National Weather Service says more rain is on the way. | New York TimesĀ 

Des Moines, Iowa, city councilman says people need to be prepared to go: Situation is worse than was announced at morning news conference | Des Moines Register

Des Moines River could rise "alarmingly higher" than during record flood of 1993: Officials expect city's bulked-up levee system to prevent same level of damage. | Des Moines Register

Roads, bridges are closed, crops damaged: Some officials fear worst flooding since 1993. | National Weather Service

NOAA Flood Stage Forecasts:

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