National Weather Service predicts less flooding along Mississippi River

St. Louis, MO –

The National Weather Service says Missourians can expect less major flooding along the Mississippi River this spring.

St. Louis service hydrologist Mark Fuchs says although some Northeastern Missouri cities are experiencing moderate floods now, that shouldn't last. He says the National Weather Service expects only minor floods this spring. That's due in part to predictions for average rainfall, and less snow melt than last spring.

"We may not see a return of any more flooding once theses flood waters recede. It's not a guarantee but we don't see any strong signals that would indicate this year will be a repeat of last year."

Fuchs says record-breaking snowfalls throughout the Midwest, including 30 inches at the St. Louis Airport, contributed to last year's floods. He also says the Meramec River, which saw extensive flooding last year, should see only minor flooding.