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New Mo. website encourages energy conservation

Jefferson City, MO – Two state agencies have created a website designed to encourage energy conservation in Missouri. is the creation of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Public Service Commission.

PSC Chairman Jeff Davis says conservation is crucial as winter approaches.

"Half of all Missourians heat their homes with natural gas, while the funding for assistance for winter heating bills from the federal government has pretty much remained the obviously there's always more need than there's (going to) be resources available to help consumers," Davis said.

And despite a recent drop in natural gas prices, the current economic crisis could make it hard for some families to pay their utility bills.

"This is not something that the federal government can bail people out of by sending them another stimulus check, and the only way we're going to get out of this is by encouraging consumers to be more efficient," Davis said.

Cost-cutting suggestions include:

*Closing vents in rooms that go unused

*Turning off computers, monitors, printers and televisions when not in use

*Closing the fireplace damper tightly when not in use

*Turning down the temperature on your water heater to 115 degrees

Again, the website: