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New St. Louis restaurants you should try during the month of June

May 31, 2017

The Sound Bites team at Sauce Magazine is back and ready to help you plan your nights out at St. Louis restaurants during the month of June.

On Wednesday’s St. Louis on the Air, Sauce Magazine’s Catherine Klene and Matt Sorrell joined host Don Marsh to discuss the best new restaurants to try during the month of June. They also filled us in on others that shut their doors in May. 

Here are their recommendations:

Charleville Brewing Co. & Tavern, 2101 Chouteau Ave.

Sorrell says: "This is a brew pub with 14 Charleville brews on tap. They have a really nice big menu of bar snacks and comfort food. Our favorite so far is the 'Sloppy Joe Joe,' a big meaty, cheesy sandwich."

Pizza Head, 3196 S. Grand Ave. 

Klene says: "Pizza Head is where [owner Scott Sandler] lets his punk-rock hair down. Giant, New York-style pies. You can buy them by the slice or as a 20-inch pizza. There is no middle ground. It is vegetarian."

Das Bevo, 4749 Gravois Ave.

Sorrell says: "The old Bevo Mill has been rejuvenated and reopened as Das Bevo. It has a bierhall and it is not quite as much of a fine dining situation as it was back in the day. They have a small, pub-style menu. There are German-American accents but not traditional German food."

Humble Pie, 9783 Clayton Road

Klene says: "This is brought to you by the team from Fozzie's Sandwich Emporium. They've stepped into the pizza game, with a big menu of pizza and salads available. You can choose between a super thin crust or a focaccia-like Sicilian crust."


Coming soon: 


  • Pappo’s Pizza & Brew Co., 3960 Forest Park Ave.
  • Grapeseed, 5400 Nottingham Ave.

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