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Nixon and Hulshof in second debate

St. Louis, MO. – Republican Congressman Kenny Hulshof and Democratic Attorney General met for their second gubernatorial debate Thursday.

Much of the discussion centered around how the candidates would jump-start the state's economy if elected.

Nixon called job creation essential and said he wants to see flex autos built in the state and wind-mill manufacturing.

"We need a chief executive that is reaching out and looking forward to this new economy and not waiting for things to happen in Washington or waiting for things to happen in Missouri," Nixon said.

Hulshof said he wants 1,500 new math and science teachers, distance learning, and to recruit companies with the promise of training their workers.

But Hulshof says he also wants to continue some of the policies Governor Blunt put in place.

"One of the things we've got to do is protect that changes we've made that have made our state more business-friendly like workers compensation and tort reform," Hulshof said.

The two will meet for another debate next Friday in Springfield.

Listen to the entire debate.