Nixon focused on natural disasters, holds comment on redistricting map

Apr 29, 2011

Democratic Governor Jay Nixon is not commenting yet on whether he intends to sign or veto the congressional redistricting map passed this week by the Republican-led Missouri House and Senate.

When asked by reporters in St. Louis, Nixon replied that he’s been too busy dealing with natural disasters to spend any time on the map that reduces Missouri’s congressional districts from nine down to eight.

“It’s just been an incredibly busy week with the tornado, with the floods, with a number of other things," Nixon said. "We’re sequenced to start work on that, so we’re working this weekend, and folks aren’t going to have to wait very long.”

GOP lawmakers hope that if the governor does veto the map, that he’ll at least do it soon enough for them to attempt an override before session ends. 

Democrats just want a veto, hoping the courts will draw a better map.