Nixon, House GOP negotiate on work-related bills | St. Louis Public Radio

Nixon, House GOP negotiate on work-related bills

Apr 16, 2012

Republican leaders in the Missouri House say they’ve been negotiating with Governor Jay Nixon (D) over the two bills he vetoed last month.

The governor vetoed bills that would redefine workplace discrimination and that would place occupational disease claims solely within the workers’ compensation system House Speaker Steven Tilley (R, Perryville) says discussions have been productive, but that there’s been no compromise reached yet.

“I’m not saying we’re not gonna get to that point, and I suspect the talks will be ongoing, but last week was the first week we’ve actually had a substantive meeting with the governor and hopefully those (will) continue," Tilley told reporters Monday.  "Incremental progress is better than no progress.”

A spokesman for the Governor’s Office described the meeting as productive.  Meanwhile, a House committee has passed a scaled-back bill that would not redefine workplace discrimination as a motivating factor, but instead deals mainly with protecting whistleblowers.