Nixon orders review of long-term state contracts | St. Louis Public Radio

Nixon orders review of long-term state contracts

Jefferson City, MO – Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has ordered the Office of Administration to review all current long-term state contracts, and those currently up for bid.

Scott Holste, Governor Nixon's Press Secretary, said the review has been ordered to make sure the state is getting its money's worth in tough economic times.

"If there are contracts that are found to be either unnecessary or not economically beneficial to taxpayers, those contracts could be cancelled or they may be delayed," Holste said.

In conjunction with the review, a contract with Motorola to upgrade the radio system used by emergency responders has been halted. The contract in question is worth more than $80 million and was authorized by former Governor Matt Blunt shortly before he left office.

"It's an expensive, lengthy and complex contract that we want to make certain fully meets the needs of taxpayers, and determine [if] this is the most effective and efficient way to do this," Holste said.

Holste added that the new governor is committed to building a new emergency radio system.