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Nixon Vetoes Nieves' So-Called 'Sharia-law Bill'

Jun 3, 2013

Governor Jay Nixon vetoed legislation Monday that was aimed at curtailing foreign laws in Missouri. Although the bill didn’t explicitly say the word in its pages, detractors commonly referred to it as the “anti-Sharia law bill.”

Speaking in St. Louis at the Lutheran Family and Children’s Services, the Democratic governor referred to it as pointless “demagoguery.”

“Even worse, seeking to solve a problem that does not exist, this legislation creates some very real problems for families and businesses," Nixon said. "Senate Bill 267 would create uncertainty for Missouri companies and individuals who do business overseas.”

Nixon said the bill would also jeopardize foreign adoptions.

The sponsor of the bill, Republican Senator Brian Nieves, did not return requests for comment, but instead took to his Facebook to criticize the veto. It appears below verbatim.

Seems as tho said governor might want to be able to at least give the appearance that they have at least read the bill before vetoing it!

Governor Nixon just vetoed my "Civil Liberties Defense Act" (SB267) apparently without reading it!! i just read the letter where he describes why he vetoed it and the letter seems to confirm that he either didn't read it, has been bamboozled, or is just straight up lying!

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