One teen arrested in drag racing accident | St. Louis Public Radio

One teen arrested in drag racing accident

Dec 7, 2010

A 19-year-old Metro East man has been charged in a drag racing accident that left another teen in critical condition.

Trenton Pinckard's black Chevrolet truck was one of two cars involved in an illegal street race on Sunday in the 1400 block of  Collins St, in an industrial area near the riverfront. The other car, which police say is a grey Mitsubishi Eclipse with a missing bumper, hit a 17-year-old who was serving as the "flag girl," or the person who starts the race. Police say that knocked her into the path of Pinckard's truck, which also struck her.

Pinckard fled, but was arrested on Monday. Police haven't found the second suspect, who also fled, but they say they have leads on his name.

The 17-year-old victim hasn't been identified. She's in critical condition.