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Only a quarter of Missouri voters expected to cast ballots next Tuesday

Jul 26, 2010

Based on projections from local elections officials, Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan is estimating that less than a quarter -- 24 percent -- of Missouri's registered voters will turn out next Tuesday.

In the St. Louis area, the turnout predictions ranged from only 19.26 percent in St. Louis to 25.41 percent in St. Louis County and 27.78 percent in St. Charles County. Even Jefferson County, which has a spirited Democratic primary for county executive, is projecting less than 20 percent of its voters will cast ballots.

Across the state, Kansas City is predicting a turnout of only 10 percent.

The larger projected turnouts are generally all in rural Missouri, where some counties expect half or more of their voters to show up.

Low turnouts in urban areas, coupled with higher ones in GOP-leaning rural Missouri, could be good news for backers of Proposition C, the ballot proposal that in effect asks voters if they want to opt out of the federal health-care changes. Republicans initiated Proposition C, and the measure is supported by various conservative groups, including the Libertarian Party.

Stronger turnouts by Republican-leaning voters could affect local ballot measures -- such as proposed tax hikes or bond issues -- around the state.

This article originally appeared in the St. Louis Beacon.